Someone punched Steve Buscemi in the face

Apparently this is just the latest attack to take place in New York.

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Renowned actor and New York native Steve Buscemi was recently the subject of an apparently random assault while walking in Brooklyn. The 66-year-old was struck in the face before being rushed to hospital.

Buscemi is luckily okay, with some swelling to the face and damage to one eye. He has since thanked everyone for their well-wishes since the incident, but the assailant is still on the run.

According to the New York Post, these attacks are becoming somewhat commonplace in New York, with people fearing to go out late at night as they could be next to be assaulted. As mentioned before, it doesn't appear as if anyone was targeting Buscemi specifically, and that he was just unlucky to be caught by someone looking to hit anyone.

Someone punched Steve Buscemi in the face
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