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Someone is building the entire Pokémon world in one Minecraft server

The project is aiming to have all nine regions of Pokémon ready to explore in one seamless fashion.

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A Minecraft player and TikTok user called thechunkyhippo is building the entire Pokémon world in one Minecraft server. The project is aiming to have all nine regions of Pokémon explorable and playable in a single seamless server, and will even have NPCs to chat with, and Pokémon to catch and train thanks to the Minecraft Pixelmon mod, which the project is built around.

As the latest TikTok video from thechunkyhippo states, the project has gathered enough traction that they are now looking to expand the team creating the world significantly, by bringing on several individuals who will be in charge of terrain design, decoration, Pokémon expertise, server maintenance, and more.

The project now even has its own Patreon page, where interested fans can show their support for the build and help fund its creation.

As of right now, the build is only at Cerulean City in the Kanto region (the first region), meaning there's still a very long way to go before it's completed, but as it stands, Viridian Forest, Pallet Town, Mt. Moon, and the various routes between have all been completed already. Check out the progress here.


Thanks, GamesRadar.

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