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Resident Evil 4

Someone has remade Resident Evil 4's opening entirely out of Lego

Who needs to play the game when you can just watch Lego Leon slaying out some Ganados.

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Many of you have probably already experienced the opening portion of Resident Evil 4 again thanks to the currently available Chainsaw Demo that gives players a look at the starting 20 minutes of the upcoming remake. But, if you haven't checked that out yet, why not instead experience that opening segment in a different light?

Because animator Cara Aleatorio has remade the starting section of Resident Evil 4 entirely out of Lego, and in it we get to see Leon and the two Spanish cops driving into the wilderness, all before the encounter with the hunter in the cabin, and ahead of Leon gunning down a horde of Ganados in the village. The best part is that the animation is all done from a third-person perspective like the game, and it really is impressive to watch.

What do you think of this recreation and will you be playing Resident Evil 4 when it debuts on March 24?

Resident Evil 4

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