Someone has made a working PC in the shape of a sniper rifle

And it's just one of their unbelievable creations.

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We've seen some really interesting and cool PC builds in the past, but there are few that stand out in the same way that the latest one from Juggapat Modifier does. The Thai modder has been in the business of creating wacky and unbelievable PC builds, including Wall-E, a McLaren, a Gundam head, and even a gatling gun. It's in the spirit of the latter that we're talking about their work again.

As noticed by Dexerto, the creator has built a working PC that is in the shape of a real-sized sniper rifle. The case was created as part of the Cooler Master Case Mod World Series, where people compete to earn up to $5,000 for building a case that stands out, and that's precisely what this amazing build manages.

It's unclear just what components have been used in the build, but there is clear use of water cooling technology that is located in the magazine of the sniper rifle.

Would you use a gaming PC built like a sniper rifle?

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Someone has made a working PC in the shape of a sniper rifle
Juggapat Modifier

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