Someday You'll Return

Someday You'll Return's new update actually removes content

The horror adventure will see "hours" cut, "mostly in the second half", in order to improve the gameplay experience.

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Narrative-driven thriller Someday You'll Return released on PC, PS4, and Xbox One earlier this month, but even though its premise looked promising (and had fun puzzles and an atmospheric setting according to our review), it also delivered "odd shifts in both story and gameplay" and felt somewhat "scattered".

Now, developer CBE Software seems determined to address some of these issues post-launch, to the point of cutting away some elements and sections instead of further expanding content with future updates.

Based on critical feedback, the Czech studio is, in fact, removing content in order to improve the overall experience, literally "hours of gameplay content", according to the devs.

Specifically, "it became clear to us that some parts of the game, mostly in the second half, were not enjoyed as we had expected them to be". Actually, they go as far as admitting that "some of the content and puzzles were not adding any value to the main game story".

That being the case, the "superfluous content" is going away and, for those players who didn't really welcome the stealthy sections, the game will now offer a cheat-like power-up, the "Devil's Pact", which, according to CBE, " turns the player almost invisible to enemies", but keep in mind that it's an optional feature.

Gamereactor has reached out to the game's publisher to confirm that this new update to Someday You'll Return is now available to download on all platforms and, if this isn't the case, we'll update you here.

Someday You'll Return

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