Someday You'll Return

Someday You'll Return gets a release date

The exciting new psychological horror game finally gets a confirmed PC release date, and there's a new trailer too.

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Someday You'll Return is an upcoming psychological horror which forces you into every parent's worst nightmare: a hunt for your missing daughter. The game takes you to a place you swore you would never return, the ancient Moravian forest, a dark and haunting place.

Set in the scenic regions of the Czech Republic, Someday You'll Return will feature well-known landmarks to give the game a realistic atmosphere to truly immerse the player and give them a real sense of fear. Some elements within the game will relate to real-life folktales dating back to the 9th century.

Whilst the game will contain strong elements of horror it is not always the most obvious monsters that bring about the most frightening experience. In this adventure, you will have to rely on your survival instincts and quick wits to help you battle the malicious forces trying to keep you away from your daughter.

Someday You'll Return is set for release April 14, 2020 on PC, with the PS4 and Xbox One release due out later in the year.

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