Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

Some players complain about a dialogue change in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

It seems that some "players" need the insults and certain questionable behaviour to remain in order to maintain the essence of the game.

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The debate over whether or not to edit certain content, scenes or dialogue in new versions of literature, film or video games has become increasingly heated over the years. We all know that many of Walt Disney's original works have scenes, dialogue or art that today would be difficult to defend for a children's audience, and now it is the turn of the video game world with yet another work aimed at the very young: the new version of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

As reported on the website Bounding into Comics, the scene in which a group of Goombas scolded Goombella (a companion of Mario in this paper adventure) and tried to harass her has been edited in the modern version. The dialogue included an allusion to the female character as a "baby" and this has not gone down well with some rigid-minded individuals, who have exploded against censorship, woke culture and the sadly commonplace stale discourse.

While the re-release of classics is always something to watch closely, the more reasonable position is that if it is a tiny scene, devoid of any narrative weight and in no way affecting story progression, character development or anything like that, reason dictates that it may not be retained in the new product.

So now you know, if you're waiting for the offensive "cat-calling" moment against Goombella in the upcoming Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, you're better off plugging in your old Gamecube and playing the original. If you don't mind this innocuous change, you're sure to enjoy it as much as we did (check out our preview) when Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door arrives on Nintendo Switch on May 23rd.

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

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