Pokémon Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl

Some controversial details about the Diamond and Pearl remakes have been unearthed

Exp.Share cannot be turned off and TMs have reverted back to a single-use.

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Over the last week, journalists have managed to get their hands on the Diamond and Pearl remakes. Within this recent round of previews, a few controversial changes to the games have been spotted and they've divided the opinions of fans online.

Exp. Share will reportedly be on by default and there will be no way for purists to be able to turn it off. This has been a common theme in the newer games, but some argue it ruins the challenge and it wasn't present in the original Diamond and Pearl games. Additionally, it seems that TMs can only be used once in the remake. In more recent entries, you were able to continue learning your Pokemon moves from TMs right until the end of the game, but here you'll have to be more selective with your use.

One change that we can all surely agree is positive is that auto-save will now be enabled. Obviously, this is an expected feature from games these days, and it would have made the titles seem pretty archaic if it wasn't present. At least we will no longer have to fear losing our progress if we are playing on the go and are running on low battery.

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl

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