Soma's safe mode hits PlayStation 4

Now PS4 owners can explore the deep sea without fearing for their lives.

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Back in December Frictional Games' creepy underwater adventure arrived on Xbox One with a Safe Mode (it landed on the PC version at the same time), allowing players to actually enjoy playing the game by removing the threat of harm.

Now, according to Frictional, this mode is finally available on PS4, via an update. Yoy can choose to play in Safe mode or regular mode when starting up a new game. It doesn't majorly affect gameplay, other than removing the need for sneaking. The puzzles and events are all still there. As the developers say on their blog:

It is a version of the game where you cannot die - you are safe from harm. The game's various creatures are still there, they just won't attack you. If you've heard of the SOMA Steam mod "Wuss Mode", by steam user The Dreamer, then you should know the basic idea. The important thing to point out is that we don't simply turn off the creature's ability to attack and harm you. Instead, we've redesigned their behavior. Our goal has been for Safe Mode to not feel like a cheat, but for it to be a genuine way of experiencing the game. So we've considered what each creature should be doing, given their appearance, sound, and voice.

Does this make playing Soma more appealing to you?


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