Soma is coming to Xbox One

Age ratings are a planned announcement's worst enemy.

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It's been two years since Soma launched on PC and PlayStation 4, and about as long since the developers at Frictional Games said that there was a chance the game would make its way to the Xbox One in the future. We're guessing the long wait has made quite a few of you give up hope of seeing it on Microsoft's console, and if this is indeed the case, then this news should come as en extra enjoyable surprise.

The European rating board PEGI has just rated the Xbox One version of Soma, which usually means that the release is imminent, so there's a giant chance of it making its way to the console within a few weeks. We're guessing the official reveal from Frictional is imminent, so stay tuned.

Have you been waiting for this, or would you recommend it for Xbox One players?


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