SnowRunner's Year 2 Pass has been detailed

Fans can expect new maps, new vehicles, and new activities.

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Saber Interactive and Focus Home Interactive have outlined what fans can expect from SnowRunner's Year 2 Pass. This four-part DLC will set fans back £20.99 and its first slice of content is set to arrive on September 9 along with the start of the game's fifth season.

Season 5 is planned to add two new summer maps which are situated in the brand-new region of Rostov Oblast. The season also introduces two new TATRA vehicles and a variety of stickers and skins to allow for a more personalised look. Arguably the biggest feature that Season 5 introduces though is cross-play across PC platforms. After September 9, players on Steam, EGS, and Microsoft Store will be able to band together for the very first time.

We also found out that Season 6 would be called Haul & Hustle, Season 7 would be called Compete & Conquer, and Season 8 would add a second expansion. It wasn't fully detailed what these seasons would individually add, but it was teased that New Game+, cross-play across all platforms, and a "breathtaking" Immersive Mode would be added.

You can take a look at the Year 2 Pass trailer in the video above.


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