SnowRunner has more than 10 million truck drivers

Delivering goods under the worst possible conditions has proved more popular than we thought.

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It's been almost three years since SnowRunner was released and offered a very different take on the basic concept of delivering cargo with a truck. Instead of a slow and steady pace, we were thrown into various disasters, driving through really rough terrain.

It also had plenty of vehicles to choose from (we still love the Pacific P16) and a great variety of sandbox locations, and it didn't hurt that the game was both good looking an fun to play. All this led to SnowRunner becoming very popular even amongst audiences who normally doesn't spend their time playing truck simulators.

Now we've got a prime receipt on exactly how big SnowRunner has become, as the official Twitter account for the game reveals that it has passed 10 million players. While this isn't the same thing as sold copies (it was added for Game Pass in 2021, which surely led to many people trying it out), it's still a result few titles can brag about. We think this is well deserved and are keeping our fingers crossed that we'll get a sequel sooner rather than later.


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REVIEW. Written by Roy Woodhouse

"Snow was well and truly what the doctor ordered and this is a hugely entertaining outing that lets you get to grips with some truly adverse terrain."

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