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Snowpiercer picks up seven years after the original film

Josh Friedman expands on Bong Joon-Ho's acclaimed 2014 film with a series set seven years after the original.

Snowpiercer, the 2014 Bong Joon-Ho film is getting a follow-up in the form of a TV series, this time by Graeme Mason who took over the script by Josh Friedman because of creative differences. The series is set seven years after the events of the film and follows the last remnants of humanity on a train as the temperatures outside keep lowering. With survival on earth being an impossibility, the humans living on the train are doing what they can to survive in harmony but a class-divide makes it difficult.

The series stars Daveed Diggs, Lena Hall and Alison Wright (among others) and will release in spring of next year on TBS. If the series will be streamable, it will most likely be streamed on an HBO platform. Watch the trailer below.

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