Snowboarding sim Shredders confirmed its launch date

You'll be able to play in snow in just a few weeks.

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Last year during the Microsoft & Bethesda E3 show it was the first time we heard about Shredders, a new snowboarding simulation game developed by I-Illusions and Let It Roll and will be published by FoamPunch. Back then, we were told this title would roll out for PC and Xbox consoles (also coming to Game Pass on day one) and it was scheduled to arrive in December 2021.

Of course, plans changed, the game didn't launch as scheduled. Fast-forward to today, now we finally hear more from the team - it's been confirmed that Shredders will hit Xbox Series X|S, PC and Xbox Game Pass on March 17. Alongside the announcement, a new trailer was also released, you can watch it below. For those who are interested, you can add it into your wish list on Steam already.

Is this the snowboarding game that you've been waiting to hop in?


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