Rise of Nightmares

Snoop Dogg single features Sega's old box art

Heavy Hittas shares something with Rise of Nightmares.

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Rise of Nightmares might not be the most well-known game in the world, being a Kinect horror game after all, but it's come back to our attention after a new single from hip hop artist Snoop Dogg appears to feature the same artwork from Sega's game.

US Gamer brought this to our attention, as the single Heavy Hittas uses as its cover a modified version of the game's own box art. Take a look yourself down below if you don't believe us - the one on the left is the original design by Sega, while the one on the right is the image shared by the label DLK Will Kill You.

At the time of writing, Sega told the outlet that they are looking into the situation. Have you played the game or listened to the single?

Rise of NightmaresRise of Nightmares

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