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SNK releasing Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro

This can be used as a fighting stick or as a console, featuring 20 built-in classic SNK titles for you to enjoy.

Last week SNK got the nostalgia going by reintroducing us to Fatal Fury's Terry Bogard, coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but now they've also given us more details on the Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro, a fighting stick that comes with titles pre-installed.

You can see images of the product below, inspired by the Neo Geo CD's controller design, and it can switch between console and arcade stick modes. When used as a joystick, you can simply plug it in to use it with a PC, but as a console you can connect via HDMI to play one of the 20 pre-installed "Neo Geo classics", rearranging the button layout if you wish. You can even attack Neo Geo Mini Pad or another Arcade Stick Pro for two-player fun.

A worldwide release is planned, but right now we actually don't know a release date or any of the games that will be featured.

What games need to be there?