Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3's The Sabotage DLC gets teaser trailer

See the world through Robert North's eyes.

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CI Games has released a teaser trailer for Sniper Ghost Warrior 3's single-player campaign DLC The Sabotage, which serves as a prequel to the events in the main game (which we won't spoil here, if you have yet to play it).

In the DLC you play as Robert North, brother of the protagonist Jonathan North, to prepare the land for a Separatist revolution. This involves sabotaging the Georgian army, which is under the command of General Otar Leonidze, and the DLC will provide players with a brand new story as well as new content like locations, missions, a vehicle, and more.

The Sabotage will release on September 5 and CI Games promises to reveal more details on the expansion soon. Also, if you've got a Season Pass, don't worry, as this will be included, and you can see what you're getting via the trailer down below. Will you be seeing what The Sabotage has to offer?

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

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