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Sniper Elite VR

Sniper Elite VR "has to be the best sniping experience in VR"

We talked with Rebellion's Steve Bristow in LA about the new take on the Sniper Elite series, throwing you into virtual reality.

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Sniper Elite fans have a lot to be excited about these days, as V2 has just been remastered, and the series is even coming to virtual reality as well. We got to don a headset and try this for ourselves at E3, and in LA we also sat down to talk with assistant head of design Steve Bristow about this version of the Sniper Elite experience.

"We play a lot of VR games of course, and we've got a lot of expertise in making gunplay feel really good [...] so bringing those two things together in VR was really challenging, but it had to be right," he explained. "I mean, it's a Sniper Elite game - it has to be the best sniping experience in VR, and I feel like we are close to achieving that."

The x-ray mode is also incredibly important for the series, as it allows players to see the bullet as it enters the body of the victim in-game, which is something that's being retained here:

"We've captured the viscerality and the punch of that moment and the payoff of that moment, but in a way that works in VR, and again there's a lot more to do with that system right now, but I think it's already delivering on that moment. That rush and that big payoff is really coming across nicely."

How well do you think Sniper Elite can translate into VR?

Sniper Elite VR

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