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      Sniper Elite 5

      Sniper Elite 5 to feature "over 8 million" possible weapon combinations

      "We try to keep it within the realms of what would have actually been possible".

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      At the end of this month, Rebellion will be looking to launch the next instalment into its Sniper Elite series with the candidly named sequel Sniper Elite 5. While we're only a few weeks away from getting hands on with the game itself, as part of a recent preview opportunity, we had the chance to chat with Rebellion about the intricacies of the game in an interview that you can read in full here.

      As part of that interview, we posed the question of how wild can you get with the weapon customisation suite, and this is what we were told by senior designer Lawrence Barnett.

      "Once you factor in ammo types there are over 8 million possible combinations ("permutations" for those that like a bit of maths chat) of weapon customisation within the game, so there are a lot of options!"

      Barnett went a step further and told us about how the customisation system works and how it will affect the enemies you meet on your stealthy adventure through France.

      "As far as possible we try to keep it within the realms of what would have actually been possible/feasible for someone to create at the time, permitting the use of a workbench and an adept engineer. To sum up; the Russian 'Bramit' suppressor designed for the Mosin-Nagant rifle, wouldn't bolt onto a Kar98k, however in our universe we allow you to fit a modified 'Bramit' to your Kar98k through the use of our Workbenches. However, you won't find such a weapon in the hands of an Axis soldier."

      You can read our full interview with Rebellion here and you can also check out what we think of Sniper Elite 5 in our video preview below.

      Sniper Elite 5

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