Halo Infinite

Snip3down has retired from competitive Halo

A long-time veteran has hung it up following the conclusion of the 2022 HCS season.

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It was teased and mentioned over the past couple of days that Eric "Snip3down" Wrona had an announcement to make, and now that very announcement has taken place, as the Halo professional has decided to hang it up and retire from the competitive scene.

As shown in a video shared on YouTube, Snip3down gives a retrospective of his career and talks about the highlights of it, while also potentially alluding to what will be next for the Halo veteran.

Eagle eyed fans might notice that Snip3down doesn't actually refer to Apex Legends once during the retrospective, which is unusual since he left the Apex scene to make his return to Halo recently. Perhaps this means a return is on the horizon, perhaps even still with FaZe Clan.

Halo Infinite

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