Snake Eyes of G.I. Joe fame is joining Fortnite

Sadly, Storm Shadow hasn't been added yet as a playable character.

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Which one is the coolest ninja ever? If your answer isn't spelled Storm Shadow or Snake Eyes, we're sorry to tell you that it is wrong. These ninjas from G.I. Joe became incredible popular in the 80's (and made all the little boys craft shurikens and nunchucks), and now at least Snake Eyes is back in a major game.

He has been announced and released to Fortnite, so hurry up and get him from the Shop. Snake Eyes is just one of many spectacular guest appearances recently, where we've previously gotten T-800, Predator, Kratos, The Mandalorian and of course Master Chief. While we do love all of those... we still have to say Snake Eyes is the best one yet.


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