Smite will launch on the Faceit platform

Players can now compete in competitions and challenges for rewards.

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Hi-Rez Studios and Faceit have announced a partnership that means Smite will launch for Faceit this October.

Initially, Smite will be supported on PC and Xbox One and players will be able to compete in several competitions, including daily and weekly challenges for North American and European players to win hardware, skins, chests and more.

The success of the open beta gave confidence to Faceit's team. "The team has been working hard during the open beta to gather community feedback and improve the game integration. We are excited to be finally able to release the game on our platform to the whole community and are eager to work with Hi-Rez over the next year to grow their competitive community," Niccolo Maisto, CEO of Faceit, said.

"We're incredibly happy with the community participation following our technical integration on Faceit," said President of Hi-Rez Studios Stew Chisam. "Faceit is the now official platform to play competitive Smite on and hone your skills. The integration is the first milestone and part of a series of grassroots activities we will be creating together, bringing more competitions and exciting opportunities for Smite players. Stay tuned for more information."

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