Smite shows off its first living Conquest map changes

The environmental changes will arrive on April 20.

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Earlier this year, Hi-Rez Studios announced a bunch of the plans it had for its third person MOBA Smite, and one of the many features it had planned was that the Conquest map (the premier 5v5 map) would in fact see live changes as the season went on. We had no idea what exactly that meant, up until last night's patch notes of which showed off the map changes in all of its glory.

Coming in the King of the Uruk update on April 20, the Conquest map will start seeing vines blocking off parts of the jungle, as the first iteration of environmental changes. In the short video that Hi-Rez tweeted detailing the change, we can see that a lot of the vines seem to be covering the Gold Fury side of the map, although a few vines are also set to cover the Fire Giant side of the map. Similarly, the sky of the Conquest map will be changing colour in this next update, so be sure to keep an eye out for that.

In other Smite news, the April 20 update will also bring King Gilgamesh to the live game, a character who is the second Babylonian god and will add to the pool of available Warriors. You can check out all of his abilities and all of the balance changes coming in the update over here.


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