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Smite Pro League Season X rosters have been revealed

There are some new teams joining the fray and few leaving the scene.

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Hi-Rez and Titan Forge promised big changes for Season X of the Smite Pro League and judging by the rosters that have now been announced, this is precisely what we are getting. Because there are new franchises joining the fray, old ones leaving, and serious changes to rosters across the board. As for who is playing for which team, you can find that all below.

Jade Dragons:

  • "Vote"

  • "PBM"

  • "Dardez"

  • "Lasbra"

  • "Nika"

Styx Ferrymen:

  • "Cyclonespin"

  • "Aror"

  • "Paul"

  • "Cyno"

  • "Baskin"

Oni Warriors:

  • "Netroid"

  • "AwesomeJake408"

  • "Pegon"

  • "Panitom"

  • "SoloOrTroll"

Highland Ravens:

  • "BaRRaCCuDDa"

  • "Hurriwind"

  • "Venenu"

  • "Screammmmm"

  • "Haddix"

Atlantis Leviathans:

  • "Zapman"

  • "Ronngyu"

  • "Sheento"

  • "Adapting"

  • "FineOkay"

Camelot Kings:

  • "Jarcorrr"

  • "Genetics"

  • "BigManTingz"

  • "CaptainTwig"

  • "Variety"

As you can see, it's only the Kings roster that is staying the same following Season 9, as they are now the defending champions and will be aiming to run it back for a consecutive championship winning season.

As for when the SPL will return for Season X, there will be a promotion tournament in late February, all before a kickoff tournament in late March.


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