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Smite is renaming its goddess Isis to reduce concerns of demonetisation

After being in the game for nearly eight years, the character will be renamed.

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The latest update notes for Hi-Rez Studios' MOBA Smite has been unveiled, and amid the reveal of a whole bunch of new skins and various balance changes, the developer has also announced that it will be renaming the Egyptian goddess Isis in-game, to "decrease concerns of demonetization of content videos and to remove content algorithm confusion issues."

Isis has been part of the line-up of playable gods in Smite for nearly eight years now, and since her introduction has even seen a remodel to bring her in-line with other characters' appearances. This change however, is the first of its kind for the character and starting as soon as March 23, she will become known as Eset in-game.

As Hi-Rez worded it in the patch notes, Eset is an "an ancient Egyptian alternate spelling," that has "appeared in Encyclopedia Britannica, Museums, and Universities." According to the notes, a variety of other names would've also been acceptable, but Eset became the choice in the end.

For more on the upcoming Talons of Tyranny update that includes a Sobek remodel, you can be sure to check out the full patch notes here.


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