Sleight of Hand

Sleight of Hand is a stylish card-slinging occult noir stealth sim

It will be coming to PC and Xbox Series consoles sometime next year.

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As part of the Xbox Partner Preview show, developer RiffRaff Games has just unveiled their third-person card-slinging occult noir stealth simulator known as Sleight of Hand. Think Dishonored, with a stylish theme, while you play as a character that resembles a female version of the Marvel superhero Gambit. Or at least that's the sort of vibe that the completely CGI trailer gave to me upon watching it.

According to the press release for the game, the description for the game is as follows:

"Pull a card and test the luck of the draw as Lady Luck (voiced by Debi Mae West, Metal Gear Solid's Meryl Silverburgh), a former private detective tapping into the occult to infiltrate her former Coven. Cast smoke-based spells with a cursed deck of cards, ranging from evaporating out of view to intertwining the fates of foes with hexes. Unlock occult abilities to customize the deck for each complex scenario, discover secret paths, and interrogate Lady Luck's former foes."

We're also told that the game will have exploration elements that allow the player to uncover passwords to access secret pathways through speakeasies. There's also random elements due to the card mechanics, meaning players will need to build out the perfect deck of cards to tackle each mission, which will no doubt become easier as the game progresses as it's all set in a variety of "highly replayable levels".

Either way, we'll hopefully get to learn more about Sleight of Hand soon as the game will be coming to PC and Xbox Series X/S consoles sometime next year, as a day one launch on Game Pass too. Check out the announcement trailer below.

Sleight of Hand

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