Slay the Spire

Slay the Spire gets a launch trailer as it leaves Early Access

MegaCrit also has plans for future content, including releases on other platforms and more PC-specific features.

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Last month we reported that Slay the Spire was leaving Steam Early Access this month, and now it has done just that and given us a launch trailer to celebrate the occasion as well.

What's more is we also get a blog post talking in more depth about the v1.0 release, revealing that the team are breaking from weekly updates to shift their efforts into other things like releases on different platforms, promising the game will be "available to as many people as possible!"

More content will be coming though, as PC-specific features are on their way that couldn't be fit into the launch update, with some more mysterious content that they didn't want to spoil. The team also thanks fans for their dedication over the three years the game has been in development, and share some patch notes with us all, which you can find below the launch trailer.

Have you been playing it in Early Access, or are you just jumping in for the first time now?

Slay the Spire


Something's always broken on release. Classic game development.
Fixed issue where Run History Screen's rooms weren't recording properly.


Colosseum Nob fight ordering swapped so that the Nob can apply Vulnerable.

UI and Effects

Early Access and Beta popups removed from the game.
EARLY_ACCESS -> V1.0 (Version 1.0) for version number string.
Increasing scroll bounds by 150px in stats screen for the bottom.
Main Menu items appear 0.25s faster (reducing wait).
The post-credits Neow cutscene can now be sped up if you click 5 times during the cutscene.
Swift Strike's VFX is now a blunt VFX rather than slice VFX.

Bug Fixes

Fixing a rare crash that happens under unknown circumstances in the relic view screen.
Adding safety logic to prevent hand size from going over >10 in rare cases.
Fixed issue where Prismatic Shard can return cards which were not yet unlocked.
Fixed issue where upon launching the game, the next unlock level's content was available for all characters.
Fixing rare crash on startup caused by modified save files.
Fixing rare crash when using controllers on death and victory screens.
Obtaining keys are now faster so they can't fail to be obtained if the players leaves very quickly.
Preventing a rare act transition crash most likely linked to old saves.


Updates for POL, PTB, SPA.

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