Skydance's Behemoth

Skydance's Behemoth gets its first gameplay showing

Get stuck into some physics-based combat in the Forsaken Lands.

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The Forsaken Lands have fallen victim to ruinous plagues, only leaving a select number of survivors free from insanity. As one of those lucky few, you'll have to fight for your survival in this newly hostile world.

That's the setup for Skydance's Behemoth, a new VR game which got its first gameplay trailer last night at the PlayStation State of Play. Behemoth is going to launch this Autumn, and it'll focus on physics-based combat, letting you wield swords, axes.

There are also some beefy bosses to take down, so let's hope that the most is made out of the VR platform with this one. Check out the trailer below:


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