Skull and Bones

Skull and Bones delayed for the umpteenth time

And Star Wars: Outlaws is rumoured to be delayed as well.

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Ubisoft's multiplayer pirate game Skull and Bones has suffered another setback and been delayed yet again (we have actually lost track of how many delays it have been already). The game, which has been in development since 2013, is now scheduled for release sometime between January and April 2024 instead of late this year.

Unfortunately, the Caribbean adventures and naval battles in Skull and Bones isn't the only thing we'll have to wait for, as there is also another delay confirmed - although without specifying which title it is. Ubisoft only specifies that it's a "large game" that should have been released this fiscal year (which ends on March 31 2024) and says it will arrive next fiscal year instead (from 1 April 2024 until 31 March 2025). The reason behind this is that Ubisoft says it can meet its financial targets without launching the game this fiscal year.

Star Wars Outlaws could fit this description, and might be the game they're talking about. It's an open world game with a female character called Kay Vess, reminiscent of Han Solo. It is developed by the Swedish studio Massive Entertainment and is said to offer huge and handmade planets to explore.

Are you surprised to see Skull and Bones delayed yet again, and which title do you think it is that Ubisoft will delay for tactical reasons?

Skull and Bones

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