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Skies of Arcadia

Skies of Arcadia developer hopes to make a sequel

Kenji Hiruta, who worked on the original RPG from Sega, would like to bring it back to life once more.

Kenji Hiruta is a developer who has worked on various games like Sakura Wars, but with regards to one particular project he's worked on - Skies of Arcadia - he has recently tweeted that he'd like to revisit the series.

"I really really want to develop the sequel," he writes.

"I personally feel that [the GameCube's] Skies of Arcadia Legends completed the "director's cut" of the title," producer Rieko Kodama said in a Kotaku interview last year. "But I am honored when fans of the game who have become game developers themselves express interest in creating a sequel. It makes me happy to think of its legacy being passed on in this way."

While it definitely doesn't seem certain that a sequel may happen, it's reassuring to fans that some at least want to see it become a reality, perhaps continuing Vyse's adventure as an air pirate someday.

Are you a fan of the original?

Skies of Arcadia

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