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Skate-like Session goes Early Access in September

PC players will get to see how it compares to EA's dormant franchise next month, while Xbox Preview members can join the fun in October.

crea-ture Studios has been disappointingly quiet about Session over the last few months, so we haven't been alone it fearing another delay. Fortunately, the studio was just holding its breath before it took off down the ramp.

Today's trailer reveals that the Skate-inspired title will come to Steam Early Access on September 17 before coming to Xbox One via the Xbox Game Preview program Sometime in October.

The Early Access and Preview versions will, as the trailer shows, take us to the Brooklyn Banks in New York. This will give us plenty of spots to try out some cool news, and it'll even be possible to change things up by dropping new objects and lines in a few places. With such ample opportunities to do insane stuff, crea-ture Studios has also included a video editor that allows us to share our best performances in clips that look a lot like the classic VHS videos from the nineties.

As the game won't launch until "early 2020", the developers have big plans for these pre-launch version. Expect to see new tricks, a progression system, new features for the video editor, improved physics and a lot more be implemented as players share their feedback with the developers.

Will you go skating this fall or wait for the final release?

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