Skate details character customisation in The Board Room episode 5

A nice update to remind us work is still ongoing for EA's next Skate game.

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Skate was first revealed back in 2020. A free-to-play return to a beloved franchise from EA, developer Full Circle's debut game has a lot of pressure riding on it, but every so often we get a promising update in a new episode of The Board Room.

Episode 5 is all about customisation. Players will be able to make a character to their liking in Skate, changing their height, shape, features, and outfit as they wish. Of course, your board can also be customised, too.

This episode of The Board Room also showcased some of the brand partnerships that will allow you even further customisation options. Vans, Girl, Chocolate, and Dime are just a few named brands that will appear in the game and more will be added over time.

We still don't have a release date for Skate, but it is currently being playtested.


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