Skate 2024 developer update gives us news on the Flick-It system, narrative, and soundtrack

While the game is still showcasing pre-pre-alpha, a lot of work has been done already on it.

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At the Summer Game Fest presentation, we got news that Skate was going to give console players the chance to check out the game for themselves later this year, and now in a new developer update we have extra details on what's changed and what will be added in the future.

First off, the Flick-It system is being reworked. Essentially, this is to ensure that your tricks always feel satisfying, whether you're going for some simple moves or death-defying stunts. As well as sweet tricks, you'll also be able to grab customisation rewards by playing Skate, giving you the chance to make your own unique skater.

The city of San Vansterdam is also getting a lot of love in Skate. It'll have its own unique narrative and the development team at Full Circle is putting a lot of effort into making it feel like a proper city to explore.

A lot of work is also going into the soundtrack, which Full Circle claims won't get boring even after months of listening to it, and will change based on what you like to listen to. Check out the full video below:


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