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SK Telecom T1 lift the MSI trophy

G2 Esports posed a resistance, but it wasn't enough.

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Yesterday saw the final of the Mid-Season Invitational take place in Brazil, where EU side G2 Esports faced off against Korean giants SK Telecom T1, however, it wasn't to be for G2, and SKT claimed yet another trophy for their collection.

SKT started out strong, sealing out the first game against the EU side, but G2 came back a bit stronger in the second game, establishing a resistance of their own, evening out the score by winning their own point to make it level.

Unfortunately G2 Esports didn't continue this success into games three and four, with the fourth being a solid SKT performance to win the series 3-1, this being helped by total dominance of the bottom jungle.

It should be noted just how well G2 Esports did to get to the final, however, and there's no shame in losing to an SKT side of this quality, especially claiming a point in the game as well. Did you think G2 Esports could win?

League of Legends
Photo: Riot Games

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