SJK Seinäjoki football team join the world of esports

They join IFK Helsinki as Finnish esports teams.

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Last year IFK Helsinki established their own esports team called the Helsinki Reds, and now a football team from Finland has decided to do the same - SJK Seinäjoki.

The first player signed is Janne "Savjz" Mikkonen, a professional FIFA 17 player, but that's not all, as they also plan to branch out into Overwatch in the future, just like IFK Helsinki did.

Football isn't as popular in Finland as elsewhere, but either way, SFK Seinäjoki are following in the footsteps of those like PSG and Manchester City in making moves into esports, specifically with FIFA 17. Do you think that Savjz is a good signing?

Photo: SJK Seinäjoki

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