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Six video games we'd like to recieve the movie treatment

The recent news surrounding The Rock and an upcoming video game movie had us thinking about other video game movies and who could star in them.

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Earlier this week, it was revealed in an interview that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson would be starring in another video game movie. With that being said, we've let our minds go a little wild, and come up with six games we'd like to see, and also believe would suit the movie treatment best, as well as listing just a few of the Hollywood stars who could potentially play some of our favourite characters.

Gears of War

First of all, let's talk about the obvious ones, with Gears of War being at the forefront. While the games are already iconic, we'd love to see the tale of Emergence Day and how the COGs deal with and overcome the overwhelming threat of the Locust army. As for who will star, Dave Bautista has voiced his interest in playing Marcus Fenix on the big screen for quite some time, and quite frankly, we think he's still the absolute best candidate for the role. But who would be best to star alongside him? Who should take up the mantle of Dominic Santiago, Damon Baird, and Augustus Cole? Hear us out, why not just make it an ex-WWE reunion and bring on The Rock as Santiago, John Cena as Baird, and then have Terry Crews step in as Cole Train. With the way these chaps have developed over the past few years, this could turn out to be quite a blast.

Six video games we'd like to recieve the movie treatment
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God of War

The other obvious pick is of course God of War. Sony has been in the business of creating movie/TV adaptations of its works as of late, with The Last of Us getting a HBO series, Uncharted becoming a movie (releasing in a few weeks), and Ghost of Tsushima set to also be turned into a film in the future (John Wick director Chad Stahelski is set to helm it), so a God of War big screen adaptation isn't exactly a crazy idea.

With the series effectively being rebooted with the 2018 title, making it easier for fans to jump on the bandwagon without needing to be massively up to date with the lore of the previous titles, everything is lining up for a movie of the hit game to come around. And who would be ideal for manning the role of Kratos you ask? Well, why not just give The Rock a shot at that as well. He's got the physique to play a god that's for certain, so slap a luscious fake beard on Johnson, give him the signature red tattoos and bam, the Ghost of Sparta is making his debut in Hollywood.

Six video games we'd like to recieve the movie treatmentSix video games we'd like to recieve the movie treatment
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Titanfall 2

It seems a little weird to make a movie on a sequel first of all, but if you've played the original Ttianfall, you'll know that the narrative isn't exactly a major focal point. Titanfall 2 on the other hand, is a different beast. Even though it is still regarded as a commercial failure due to its poorly timed launch, Titanfall 2 boasted one of the top single player campaigns over the 2010s, and we think the unique nature of the series would transition well into film, as you could rope in a big action director, like Michael Bay, to create an explosive, chaotic, enthralling sci-fi movie that fans could wrap their head around.

As for who would play the main protagonist of mech pilot Jack Cooper, an obvious Hollywood executive-friendly pick would be Chris Pratt or Tom Holland, but why not give someone else a chance, perhaps someone like Henry Golding. In terms of who should voice BT-7274, this is a prime opportunity to simply bring the original voice actor, Glenn Steinbaum back to continue what he started.

Six video games we'd like to recieve the movie treatment

Red Dead Redemption

Now bear with us, as there's a reason for this one. Back in mid-December, we got to have a very brief chat with Henry Cavill, in an interview where the British actor told us that being part of a Red Dead Redemption movie would be fun. So let's play around with that idea. Assuming Cavill is one the cards for the flick, then that's probably the lead role of John Marston sorted - that is if it's the original title which is getting the big screen treatment. If the series is going chronologically and Red Dead Redemption 2 is being made first, then Cavill should probably play Arthur Morgan instead. Otherwise, we still need to sort out the rest of the rough and American frontier-tough crew, and for the sake of focussing on one, let's keep Cavill as Morgan, and then bring in Christian Bale or Norman Reedus as John Marston, and then Josh Brolin as the commanding, soon to be main antagonist, Dutch van der Linde.


The Legend of Zelda

Now we're leaving this purposely vague as this series has spanned so many different incredible games that there's so many different places you could start. Whether that is jumping on the recency bandwagon and doing a Breath of the Wild adaptation or instead producing a movie framed around Ocarina of Time, there's plenty of avenues to look at. But, what they pretty much all have in common are three iconic characters: Link, Princess Zelda, and Ganondorf. So, who would we cast as those three figures?

If there's one thing that Dune (2021) has shown, it's that Timothée Chalamet can do action movies, so with the help of some blonde hair dye, let's give Chalamet a shot as the determined hero. As for his co-stars, we know that Chalamet already has on-camera chemistry with Florence Pugh due to Little Women, so line Pugh up for Princess Zelda, and then to really hammer it home, all that's necessary is a powerful figure to portray Ganondorf. This is a tricky one though as this a character that has taken many forms over the years and is rather large in his main form. So first of all, Ganondorf would probably have to be CGI or something of the likes, as was the case with Thanos. Then, since he is notoriously evil, you'd need someone capable of producing a vocal cadence or ability to resonate power, and with that in mind, we have a few suggestions: Ralph Fiennes (Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter), Djimon Hounsou (Wizard from Shazam), or Javier Bardem (Silva from Skyfall).

Six video games we'd like to recieve the movie treatmentSix video games we'd like to recieve the movie treatment


Yes. This was already going to be a thing once, but it fell apart, so now we're here talking about what could be (or rather could've been) again. The underwater city of Rapture and the story of 2K's title is the perfect setting for a video game movie with a thriller/horror theme, in the same vein as Martin Scorsese's Shutter Island. With this in mind, who would we like to see starring in some of the main roles of Jack, Andrew Ryan, and Frank Fontaine?

Jack is a character that could go many ways, but one actor that could fit the role well would be Blade Runner 2049's Ryan Gosling, who has shown that he excels at bringing characters who don't speak all that much to life. In terms of Andrew Ryan, you'd need an older actor with some class but also the ability to be a little eccentric, and we think Jeremy Irons fits that bill pretty well. Last of all, the main antagonist, Frank Fontaine. With this character essentially being a gangster, why not rope in an actor with experience playing various different mobsters: Tom Hardy. He nailed the Kray Twins in Legend, excels as Alfie Solomons in Peaky Blinders, and even tried his hand as Al Capone in Capone, so why not jump into a similar role and handle Fontaine as well?

Six video games we'd like to recieve the movie treatment

With that being said, these are just six games we'd like to see adapted onto the big screen. If there are any games you'd like to get the movie treatment or any Hollywood stars you think would suit the above mentioned roles better, be sure to let us know below.

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