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Six games to help get a summer bod

Work up a sweat and get moving with these entertaining active games.

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Winter has come to an end, which means, if you're anything like me, it's time to kick into action and start shaving off some of those extra pounds that we're all accustomed to putting on after spending the colder, darker days firmly planted behind a computer monitor. While this can often feel like a whopper of a chore, thanks to the brilliance that are video games, it can actually be quite fun to get active and to start working up a sweat. So, with the first astronomical day of spring here and summer fast approaching, I've pulled together a list of six great games that will help you on your way to that elusive summer bod.

Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm & Exercise

Kicking it off is a personal favourite of mine, Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm & Exercise. This is an ideal game for anyone that is looking to use the active and demanding nature of boxing to get into shape, but don't have room for a punching bag. The game sets players up with a digital trainer who leads various different exercise routines that ask the player to mirror actions, be it different types of punches, or ducks, blocks, and stepping movements, all to a beat and using the Nintendo Switch's motion-controlled Joy-Cons as a controller. Assuming you put in the effort and really buy into the exercise regime, this game will offer up a competent and varied routine.

Six games to help get a summer bod

Ring Fit Adventure

On the topic of Switch fitness titles, it'd be strange to forget about the one game that really emphasises this concept: Ring Fit Adventure. This game aims to provide a regime that encourages players to get up and get active by jogging through a fantasy world and by twisting, squishing, and pulling the Ring (which sort of acts like a resistance band at times) itself to complete all kinds of mini-games and challenges. Of course, to experience Ring Fit Adventure at its best, you will need the full slate of physical gear, meaning you can't just grab this one from the eShop and crack on a few moments later.

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Pistol Whip

Another great platform for active gaming is none other than virtual reality, particularly with the fantastic piece of hardware that is the wireless Meta Quest 2 headset. While we'll touch on a more physical game designed for active gaming in a moment, there's no denying that the action-rhythm FPS Pistol Whip is a prime method for working up a sweat. Getting lost in this game, on the higher difficulties so that there are more enemies on screen meaning you have to make more movements, can be one of the more entertaining and exhausting and rewarding experiences in VR, and one that we'd definitely recommend.

Six games to help get a summer bod
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Sticking to the theme of virtual reality, another game that is a good bit of fun, but also ideal for getting active is OhShape. This asks players to move around, dodge, punch, and contort themselves into all manners of shapes to move through a level, all to a punchy soundtrack. It's a game that is inspired by the TV series Hole in the Wall, meaning you can probably get an idea of the sorts of active gameplay it is serving up.

Zombies, Run!

This is one of those games that really does what it says on the tin. It will require you to venture out into the big bad world (yes, it can be scary), but we promise that will be the least of your worries, especially when the undead start their pursuit. The idea behind the mobile game Zombies, Run! is to simply go out for a run, jog or walk, except instead of listening to some music or maybe an audio book, you'll be playing an interactive game where you are the protagonist of your own zombie adventure. You'll need to gather resources on your way back home to further build up your home base, and you'll need to really give it your all, else the hungering hordes of zombies pursuing will catch you and make for a grim end to your story.

Six games to help get a summer bod

Just Dance 2022

Let's be honest, we all knew this would be coming. Whatever your opinion is on Just Dance in this day and age, it's hard to dispute the widely available title as anything less than a great way to get active whilst still having fun and playing some games. For Nintendo Switch owners, you can crack right on with the Joy-Cons motion controls, and Xbox and PlayStation players can use the PlayStation Camera or a Kinect, or can keep it far simpler and just download the Just Dance Controller app on your mobile device to use your phone as a controller to dive right in and start setting some scores. Either way, it's fairly simple to get started, and the wide array of tracks available should mean there is at least something available to suit your taste.

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