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Sing your enemies to death with Neverwinter's next class, the Bard

No word on a release date for the class.

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At the Guerrilla Collective 2 show, Cryptic Studios showed off a better look at the next class coming to its free-to-play MMORPG, Neverwinter. The class, the Bard, will be able to use the power of music to defeat its foes or heal allies, in a hybrid supportive and offensive role.

As for when the Bard will be making its way into Neverwinter, the release date is still unknown. The announcement stated that it will be "coming soon", and that more information about the class would be revealed in the next few months. You can however, start testing out the Bard today, on the preview server of the game.

Check out the developer post for the Bard class here.


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