Simplified Chinese listed as most popular language on Steam

English was previously the most dominant language, but the results for December 2019 indicate a big shift.

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It's no secret that China is a big market for the gaming industry, and according to Steam's recent hardware and software survey for December, Simplified Chinese is now the biggest language used on Steam, overtaking English.

37.8% of Steam users are in this category, climbing 14.4% in the last month, with English making up 30.4%.

That said, PC Gamer notes that this data isn't always incredibly accurate, as a flaw in April 2018 discovered that Asian internet cafe PCs were counting as duplicate entries in the results.

The results don't sound implausible though, especially since Chinese gamers have become incredibly important for gaming companies. Even Tencent and Nintendo have joined forces to bring the Nintendo Switch to China.

Do you trust these results?

Simplified Chinese listed as most popular language on Steam

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