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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Simon and Richter Belmont joins Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The game will feature 103 stages at launch and over 900 musical tracks.

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As rumoured Simon Belmont will join the roster of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and Richter Belmont will join as an echo fighter based on Simon. It was noted that will Simon's signature whip is slow offers the longest reach of any character in the game. Alucard, in turn, is there as an assist trophy, and the Castlevania level will feature bosses from the series including Dracula (who will only appear if special circumstances are met), as well as a whopping 34 music tracks from the series.

Furthermore, Chrom from the Fire Emblem series and Dark Samus from the Metroid series join the game as echo fighters. Masahiro Sakurai also confirmed that the plan is to reveal all designs of fighters ahead of release, and that there are a few more to announce still.

Some stages not shown before was also part of today's Direct including Pokémon Stadium, Brinstar Depths, Summit, New Donk City Hall, and Unova Pokémon League. The total stage count lands at a whopping 103 stages (compared to the previous series high of 56 in Super Smash Bros. Wii U (including DLC). On top of this, all stages can be played in Battlefield in Omega form, which puts the grand total of stage variations at over 300 (!). All are playable with up to 8 players and all are available from day one. Equally impressive are the 900+ musical tracks spanning a total of over 28 hours and you can browse the soundtrack based on franchise if you want to dig into it. Interestingly you can listen to the music with the screen of your Switch switched off so you can use it as a music player.

The Nintendo Direct also detailed the player experience, including the rules you set before each battle. New Battle Modes including the Squad Strike (3 on 3 or 5 on 5 elimination style battle) as well as a Tourney mode constructing a bracket for up to 32 players, and there's a special Smash mode called Smashdown (where you can only use a character once, so players need to select a different fighter).

Classic mode, new items, assist trophies, as well as Pokémon, were also detailed. Bringing in even more cameos Rathalos from the Monster Hunter series can appear as a boss and an assist trophy.

As the final part of the Direct, Masahiro Sakurai teased a new mode for the game in a blurred green section of the main screen.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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