Silicon Valley writers to pen a comedy series based in the world of F1

The show is set to be known as Downforce.

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Formula 1 has boomed as of late, with tons of new fans flocking to the motorsport thanks to shows like Netflix's Drive to Survive. While this massive increased interest is also set to see a major movie created with Brad Pitt in the lead, it will also see a comedy series created for Hulu and Disney in the future too.

This show is set to be known as Downforce and, as The Hollywood Reporter notes, it will be written by two of the writers responsible for Silicon Valley, Alec Berg and Adam Countee. According to the report, the show will be similar to Entourage and will see what happens when an heiress to a racing dynasty team is forced back into the family business and required to make tough choices to ensure its continued success and survival.

Berg and Countee are tapped as the showrunners for the series too, and to ensure the series' authenticity RB's Daniel Ricciardo is attached to the show as an executive producer.

There is no word on when the show is slated to make its debut, but judging by this news it will likely be a little 2025 at the earliest since it has yet to set a production date yet.


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