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Silent Night

Silent Night trailer shows off an action-packed Christmas

John Woo is back and bringing his action glory to the big screen once more.

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Joel Kinnaman stars in Silent Night, the latest movie from legendary action director John Woo. Silent Night follows the simple premise of a man who goes on a revenge-fuelled rampage after the death of his son.

There is a big twist, however, in that Kinnaman's character won't be speaking for the vast majority of the film, due to him being shot in the throat when the movie begins. This means that the film will also be largely without dialogue, relying on the action set pieces to keep us interested. With Woo at the helm, this shouldn't be an issue.

Silent Night premieres on the 1st of December, and will also feature Kid Cudi, Harold Torres, and Catalina Sandino Moreno. Check out the trailer below:

Silent Night

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