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Silent Hill monster designer Masahiro Ito working on new title

He's teased the project on Twitter but hasn't shared any details about what he's developing.

You may know Masahiro Ito as the monster designer behind iconic horror games in the Silent Hill series (where he worked on the first to fourth games), but now he's revealed on Twitter that he's working on a mysterious new title.

"I'm working on a title as a core member. I hope the title won't be cancelled," he said. "About that, I can tell you nothing yet."

While he's probably most famous for his role in the Silent Hill series, he has also worked on NightCry as a monster designer, assisting with the creature design for Metal Gear Survive as well.

Silent Hill is a series known for its unique and often disturbing monsters, so it bodes well for horror fans, even if we know very little about this project right now.

It's worth remembering that we haven't heard about the Silent Hill series since the cancelation of Silent Hills in 2015, the game Hideo Kojima was working on that was shown off in the now-unavailable PT demo.

What do you want to see from Ito?

Silent Hill monster designer Masahiro Ito working on new title

Thanks, GamingBolt.

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