Silent Hill 2 Remake

Silent Hill 2 Remake will not be combat-focused or have default visual aids

Akira Yamaoka and Masahiro Ito wanted to make major changes, but Bloober Team pushed to stay true to the original game.

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The summer event season kicked off last week with PlayStation's State of Play broadcast, where we got to see a new trailer for Silent Hill 2 Remake. This Sony event was followed by Konami's Silent Hill Transmission, dedicated to unpacking the new version of their most beloved horror game, where we got an in-depth look at its combat system, object interaction and the design of the environment, characters and fog.

But there's still a long way to go until October 8, when the game will be released on PS5 and PC, so series producer Hajime Okamoto gave an interview to Famitsu where he revealed some interesting facts about the development of the title and what we should expect beyond what we've seen so far.

Firstly, Okamoto recounts the creative differences between the vision that Akira Yamaoka and Masahiro Ito wanted to bring to this new version of the game, changing parts of the story, and those of Bloober Team, who said it was best to stay true to the original game.

"After all, game creators don't want to redo the same thing they created. They don't want people to enjoy the same thing. So I think there were a lot of parts that they wanted to change drastically in the remake (...) But in the end, thanks to the opinions of the Bloober Team, who are also big fans of the original, the remake was very respectful to the original".

There are also major changes to the design of how James will move around and interact with the town of Silent Hill, as the user interface will be much cleaner, and the map has been changed, which is now a tangible in-game element rather than a menu option. And unlike other current titles, there will be no guide to the items James can interact with (no "yellow paint").

"The items don't even glow, and the location and lighting lets the player know that the item is there. In some cases, it can also be clear in movement. However, if the graphical density is high, the background and elements will inevitably blend together, making it difficult to find pieces (...) Of course, this can also be changed as an option".

"However, I want you to be assured that there will be no so-called "yellow paint" to guide the players (laughs)."

Finally, Okamoto wants to emphasise that the game will remain true to its horror genre, and will not be comparable to an action title, as many feared when watching the first trailer.

"The remake version has increased the battle elements to a certain extent, making it fun as an action game, and I think that's the key to attracting new fans to the series (...) That said, we haven't made it so difficult that the enemies are too strong, which makes it a horror story."

What do you think of the changes and similarities in Silent Hill 2 Remake, and will you be stepping into the fog come October 8?

Silent Hill 2 Remake

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