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      Silent Hill 2 Remake

      Silent Hill 2 Remake: all the details after Konami's announcement

      This afternoon's leaks are confirmed in an incredible trailer. It will be a console-exclusive title for PlayStation 5, though it will also be released on PC.

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      Fans have been looking forward to a new Silent Hill for a long, long time, and today they finally got to see their dreams come true, and three times over. Because in addition to announcing Silent Hill 2 Remake (which had been leaked earlier this afternoon), Konami announced two other brand new Silent Hill titles in development, all at its special event for the horror series.

      The trailer for Silent Hill 2 Remake shows in great detail locations from the original sequel, such as the bathroom, the hotel room and the picnic area in the park at the end of the game, as James Sunderland, the main character, wanders around the scenes looking for clues about the mysterious letter he received from his deceased wife Mary.

      Although this is a cinematic trailer, the end of the trailer announces that it has been developed in Unreal Engine, and that both Masahara Ito and Akira Yamaoka are involved in its development alongside Bloober Team. We have been missing, however, a release date. The game is already listed for pre-order on the PS Store, and the console version will be PS5 exclusive (at least temporarily).

      You can check out the first trailer and a few screenshots below.

      Silent Hill 2 RemakeSilent Hill 2 Remake
      Silent Hill 2 RemakeSilent Hill 2 Remake

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