The Quiet Man

Silence rings loudest in this new trailer of The Quiet Man

It's brief, but it's definitely caught our eye.

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At this year's E3 Square Enix unveiled The Quiet Man by Human Head Studios, a game which seems to be a mixture of live-action cutscenes and action-packed gameplay. So far we don't know that much about the game, but at least the E3 trailer left us wanting more.

And more is exactly what we've got, as another trailer named Silence Rings Loudest has just landed, which is a 45-second live-action clip full of short image flashes, making us think that the game is going to be very much a visual experience.

As a reminder you can also watch the first E3 trailer below, and while we don't know a release date, we do know that The Quiet Man is coming to PC and PS4. What do you make of both of these trailers?

The Quiet Man

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