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Sifu is getting a live-action movie adaptation

John Wick's Derek Kolstad is attached to the project.

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The next video game to get the big screen adaptation treatment has been revealed, and it will be none other than Sloclap's Sifu. As reported on by Deadline, the video game will be adapted into a live-action movie, where Derek Kolstad, the director of the John Wick movies, has been tapped to adapt the script and produce the film.

As this is just the first official confirmation of the project, exact plot details are yet to be revealed, but considering Sifu has a pretty straightforward core premise, revolving around a young Kung-Fu student who sets out on a lifelong revenge journey, we can probably expect it to follow suit in this regard.

As for when the movie is expected to land in cinemas has to yet to be determined either, but considering all of the projects that Kolstad has on his plate right now, including John Wick 4, a sequel to Nobody, the Splinter Cell adaptation, and more, it will likely mean that the Sifu adaptation is a little while off.


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