Sifu has sold over 2 million copies

The game is still yet to launch on Xbox and Steam.

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Sloclap's Sifu was one of the most praised action games of 2022. Giving the player a unique mechanic of aging when they die and offering some intense, beat-em-up action as well, it has proven to be an incredibly popular title.

Over 2 million copies of Sifu have been sold according to Kepler Interactive, the publisher behind the game. Exceeding over $50 million in revenue in its first year, Kepler attributes this to the success of Sifu and Scorn, the horror game from Ebb Software.

Sifu is looking to the release of its latest update, which brings the Arena mode to the game as well as allowing Xbox and Steam users to purchase it for the first time. No doubt this will increase the already impressive sales figures by quite a bit.

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