Sifu has reached 1 million units sold

The game only launched back in early February.

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The Kung-Fu themed action game Sifu just launched last month, and it has already reached quite an impressive achievement. Via a press release, developer Sloclap revealed that this martial arts brawler already has surpassed 1 million units sold in its first three weeks. In order to celebrate the milestone, an accolades trailer just got released, you can watch it right here:


Along with the new video, the team also shared some interesting game-related statistics:

  • 10 million+ hours have been played.

  • More than 45% of players have completed the challenging second level of the game.

  • 150,000+ players have already mastered Kung Fu enough to beat Yang, the game's main antagonist.

"We are thrilled by the reception of Sifu from both fans and press alike," said Pierre Tarno, executive producer at Sloclap.

"We set out to create an authentic, Kung Fu action game that paid homage to our favorite Kung Fu films. We're thankful for our fans around the world but we are especially humbled by the incredible reception the game has had in China. Our internal metric of success was how well the game was received there and knowing that fans in China are the largest segment of our sales outside of North America and the positive reviews from Chinese critics means a lot to us."

For more details and our thoughts in regard to Sifu, please check our review via this link.


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