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Sifu got pushed back to 2022

But a new trailer has been released along with more game mechanic details, and you can check these right here.

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During PlayStation's State of Play earlier, developer Sloclap released a new trailer "Fight Club Gameplay Teaser" for its latest third-person Kung-Fu action game, Sifu. While getting another look at Sifu's hand-to-hand combat gameplay, there are also a few things from the announcement worth noticing.

First, the trailer shows more details about its aging gameplay mechanic: in Sifu, every time you die, you age a bit more. However, it doesn't mean that your character would become weaker as you age: "On the contrary, like the old masters of classic Kung Fu movies, as the main character becomes older, they have more experience, skills, and knowledge to apply to the fight", explained by Felix Garczynski, Sloclapin's Community Manager, in a post on PS Blog. At the same time, you can't age eternally either, eventually, your character will become too old and have to start over. You can check the full post for more details via this link.

Another thing that should be noted is, Sifu has been delayed from the original 2021 release window to early 2022. The game will land on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC via the Epic Games Store by the time it launches.

Check the new gameplay trailer below:


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